Solo Annual Meeting and Tech Day at Blue Label Racing

The 2019 race season is almost here! Just one month until our Kansas City Region Solo Advisory Committee Annual Meeting and Tech Inspection Day! We’ll meet on March 9th at Blue Label Racing located at 3302 Terrace St, Kansas City, MO 64111. We’ll start at 10:00 am with a short round table meeting to discuss 2019 season schedule, rule changes and class adjustments. We hope to see all of you there for the meeting specifically so that we are all allowed the chance to contribute thoughts to our season’s rules and changes.

If you can make it, we’ll offer up the garage and lift for full tech inspections to get you ready for the 2019 Solo season! If you know you are planning to get your annual tech this season, we will have the annual tech forms on hand and ready to be filled out and signed off on for the season. We’ll have a grill on site for some lunch time goodness so bring some chips or a side if you want to share. We’ll have soda and water on site for lunch as well.

We will wrap the day up at 4:00 pm unless we are still rolling at which time we’ll do our best to accommodate those left to be inspected. We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

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