Call For Candidates

Campaign season is underway (and we are NOT talking about mid-term elections).
Although the election isn’t held until our December annual meeting, the search is
underway now for members seeking to serve the club in one of 11 Board positions
or one of 4 Advisory Board positions. The Board consists of 5 officers, who each
serve one year terms, and 6 Board of Directors members who each serve two year
terms. The Officer positions are:
1.) Region Executive
2.) Assistant Region Executive
3.) Secretary
4.) Treasurer
5.) Past Region Executive (only the first 4 are voted positions)
The Board of Directors has 6 members with 3 up for election each year. Both Solo
and Rally Cross have Advisory Committees and each has 2 positions up for election.
If you have an interest in serving your club and you can dedicate 1-2 evenings per
month please contact one of our Nominating Committee members to learn more.
The Nominating committee consists of Tara Young, Chairperson, Lisa Kern, Dave
Williams, Tim Freist and Mike McGinley. You can e-mail Tara Young at to get on the ballot. You will also need to submit a brief
bio of your qualifications to serve that will be distributed to club members with the
ballots. We have an exciting year being planned for 2019 and we invite you to be
part of it.
KC Region Nominating Committee

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