Annual Tech Inspection Program Renewed for 2016

The Kansas City Region SCCA Solo program offered an annual technical inspection waiver for experienced Solo competitors for the first time in 2015.  The program was a huge success and helped ease the long morning lines at the technical inspection area during Solo events, so the Solo Advisory Committee has renewed the program for 2016. To qualify for Annual Tech:


  • Must have been a member in good standing for 1 season (10 events)
  • Understand that by signing your Annual Tech application that you are stating you know the Pre-event Tech procedure and will perform your own vehicle tech inspection before running each event.
  • Understand that if any major changes are made throughout the year you must notify the Chief of Tech so you can update your Annual Tech. (Example: changing an air intake, or suspension piece, changing classes for any reason)
  • Understand that you are subject to a random tech inspection at any point throughout the year.
  • Understand that if you have a mechanical failure on course during an event you must renew your Annual Tech before competing again.
  • Submit your Annual Tech application to the Chief of Tech for approval and tech inspection of your vehicle.

Annual Tech will be open for the first 7 events of each season and must be renewed at the beginning of each season regardless of which event you started your Annual Tech the previous year.

You can download the application here: KCRSCCA Annual Tech Application.

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