Video Contest – There I Was…

The SCCA is all about participation and competition. This month’s General Membership Meeting includes both, in addition to the usual reports. This meeting features a contest for the best 2 minute video clip from an SCCA Event by the KCR Members. The prize is a shiny new copy of the movie “Rush”. Bring your video or come see the excitement captured by your fellow KCR Members at SCCA events. I suspect we may see some spectacular, at least very entertaining videos.
Supplemental Rules: No longer than 2 minutes. Bring your video on a USB stick (preferred), SD Card, CD, or DVD. The member should be part of the action, either filming or being filmed (you must be some kind of participant in the video). It should be a video from an SCCA event (race, Solo, Rally, Rallycross, or CFR school). We’ll accept corner worker video from pro events (since SCCA supports pro races). Videos are not limited to one event (you can splice together parts from many events and use text, music, or any other embellishments desired). You are encouraged talk during the playing of your video to add “color”, humor, set the stage, or explain exactly what is going on in the video. Winner will be determined by the “Applause Meter” or votes at the conclusion of the showings, as determined by the Chief Steward). Protest fee is $10 (non-Refundable – into the General Fund). SOM decisions are final. All participants (presenter’s and audience) must sign the waiver (can’t have an SCCA event without a waiver (which is the attendance roster). Official Results will be published in next month’s CHECKPOINT.

Chief Steward: Chris Kern
Chairman of the SOM: Neava Ford
SOM: Norma Williams, Charlene Smith, Paula Dehl

Hope to see you at the VFW (the address of the VFW), 730PM Tuesday, 1 April for this fun event.

Chis Kern

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3 Responses to Video Contest – There I Was…

  1. Dave Vincent says:

    I certainly had had fun. Thank you for your votes. If you are in Hallett this weekend for the Majors, come by carport #1 Saturday evening to watch “Rush” with the “Old Guy F1 wannabees” (F500 racers).

  2. It’s a great idea, Dave! I’ll definitely have something worked up for the May meeting.

  3. Dick Mitchell says:

    I sat between the two of you during the showing. I requested and never did receive bribery funds from either of you . Still waiting, until then my vote is absentee.

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