From the RE’s Desk — July 2018

Summer is here and it’s hotter than (….) well. The KC Region racing programs are in full swing. The Rally Cross events have been very well attended. Congratulations to them. They have been working very hard to present a good event. The Time Trials program is ready for lift-off. If you are interested in that exciting venue, please check it out in another part this site. The SOLO Program has been hosting some very well attended events. If you pre-register and pre-pay, you might win some free stuff.

Want more free stuff? Volunteer your time at a Track Night in America and you can come away with a free SOLO entry or Rally Cross entry.

I am very excited to report that Mr. Henry Rampage has been selected to serve on the SAC (SOLO) Advisory Committee. He has participated in local events for a number of years and we are lucky to have his input and knowledge.

Save the Dates:
SCCA National Convention January 17 through 19, 2019 in Las Vegas.
February 2, 2019, KC Region Awards Banquet at Deer Creek Country Club
February 8 through 10, 2019 the Midwest Division Convention in Independence, MO.

SOLO Nationals are coming up soon, get your registrations in and join us at our paddock camp site. Lots of super events to race, lots of great friendships to enjoy. See you there. Safe travels and Happy Trails.

Paula Diehl

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  1. Charles Walter says:

    Thanks for returning to Deer Creek for the awards banquet in Feb.

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