Students and driver coaches wanted for the Solo Novice School

The Kansas City Region SCCA is holding its Novice Solo School at the Providence Medical Center Amphitheater on Saturday, April 29th. For an entry fee of $80 includes a full day of instruction on Saturday, and entry to the KCRSCCA Solo Event #2 on Sunday. Many newcomers to the sport, and veterans for that matter, think that throwing money at go-fast parts will dramatically improve their times and standings. While, wise investments in the right parts can shave tenths of seconds off of your run times, becoming a better driver will save full seconds. Before spending hundreds of dollars on that trick piece of kit, invest a fraction of that on the Novice Solo School and see your run times plummet. We have a few spots left, so don’t wait. Register now on

In addition to students for our Novice Solo School, we will also need driver coaches and other volunteer workers. If you have a few seasons of Solo experience under your belt, we encourage you to be a driver coach and share your experience with those just beginning in the sport. We’re also looking for volunteers to fulfill other duties as well including waivers, heat safety, and timing and scoring. If you’ve ever wanted to learn the ropes of how to run timing and scoring, the Novice Solo School is the perfect event for you. Instead of the trial-by-fire method of learning during a full Solo event, you can learn the AXWARE software and recording procedures in a far less hectic and hurried pace. It’s also a great opportunity for those needing to shadow a current Solo Safety Steward in order to gain their certification. There’s a free lunch provided for all students and volunteer workers and coaches!

Contact the event chair, Doug Patterson, with questions or to volunteer as a coach or worker.

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