Workers needed at HPT!

KSR/KCR have been contracted to run the HPT Battle of the Brands autocross!

What does this mean for you? This autocross is NOT an SCCA event. You will NOT be competing. We need workers in all the various worker positions found at a normal SCCA autocross. Course, T&S, Tech, and Registration. In addition, if you feel qualified, you’ll be asked to provide instruction to drivers to ensure they leave feeling like they accomplished something.

This autocross is run for any competitors who are participating in the event at HPT that weekend. Most of the cars will be CAM type cars (V8 RWD), similar to a Goodguys event. The drivers will have varying levels of experience, from novice all the way to seasoned vets. The classing structure will be simple, based on SCCA CAM rules (and possibly a few others). The timing/scoring will be simple. Registration/check-in will be simple. The course layout will be simple. EVERYTHING will be simple! Work hours will be from around 9am until 3pm. There will be two shifts, switching out about once an hour, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the day too.

What’s in it for you? Every worker will be given one FREE two day event waiver for any KSR/KCR hosted two-day event at HPT in 2017. At the current rate, that’s $71! If there is a slow spot in the event, you’ll also get to take runs in your car, or your buddy’s car, or your girlfriend’s car, or maybe a competitor’s car if you sweet talk them enough!

Registration to work this event opens September 1st at noon. Get in quick, there are only a certain number of slots available (around 20). Before you can register for Tech, T&S or set-up, you need to talk to James Cahill for the secret code. These positions can only be filled by people who have been deemed worthy. DO NOT register to work if you plan on competing. Registration is HERE.

Questions can be directed to James Cahill as well.

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