Registration for the MiDiv Solo Event at HPT ends soon

Never been to a Midwest Division (MiDiv) event? Is all of your Solo experience at the regional level? Nervous about racing against some of the neighboring regions best drivers? I can help with the first two, but you’ll just have to figure out the third.

If you’ve never been to a divisional event, here is a summary of the major differences between it and your typical regional events.

  1. Tech – You’ll be require to place a couple of stickers on your car for our sponsors. They help offset the cost of trophies and as part of that we make a requirement to have the stickers on your car while you are competing. There are many tricks if you want to make it easy to remove them when you are done driving. Just ask around.
  2. Grid – Assigned spots and running by class. You’ll be parked alongside your fellow drivers in your class. You will have an assigned grid space, and it will be sequential with your car number in your class, e.g. 11 CAMC, 18 CAMC, 42 CAMC, 88 CAMC, then 111CAMC, 142 CAMC, etc. If you have a two driver car, the first driver will be number between 1-99, and the second driver will be that number +100. If the first driver is 42, then the second will be 142.
  3. Impound – After your 3rd run you’ll park your car back in your grid spot then open your trunk and hood. This is the chance your competitors get to look over your car (and you look over theirs) to see if they are DIRTY ROTTEN CHEATERS! Those cars that have to hit a minimum weight will weigh in on the HPT scales to make sure they are also following the SCCA Solo rules for their class. Make sure your car is in the correct class! If a competitor found to have been knowingly cheating, one of another competitor can file a protest. If that protest is upheld, the offender’s times will be disqualified.
  4. Corner Worker / Audit – The corner captains will have a clipboard that they will write every cone call down on. You will still radio in the penalty (cone, dnf, etc) but you will also write down the car number and class, and how many cones, e.g. 88 FM +1. After every set of runs, a ‘sweeper’ car will drive around and pick up the audit sheets from each corner.
  5. Banquet! – There will be a banquet on Saturday night. We’ll all gather around, eat, drink, be merry, and talk about who drove what part of the course the worst and the best.

It’s a little more formal than your normal regional. There will be event trophies so if you bring your A-game, you could be heading home with some hardware (sorry one day drivers – gotta drive both days to qualify for a trophy). Get ready to have fun and get your game face on, because it’s about to go down in Topeka!

Register now at motorsportreglogo
Registration ends on Tuesday, April 26th, at 8:00pm!

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