KCR T-shirt designs needed!

SCCA_logoRGB-lowresThe super awesome members of the Kansas City Region Board of Directors need your help!

We decided it was high time to have some region t-shirts produced. We also decided that none of us are very good with art. So, that means we need YOU to provide us with the art!

We’re looking for ideas that represent the entire region, the people we are, the things we do, and places we go.

If you’re feeling up to it, feel free to submit your ideas. They don’t have to be perfectly drawn up vectors. Just ideas. If you want to go the distance with a full blown, ready to produce drawing file, feel free. We’ll give you a pat on the back! But- If you only have a partial idea, we still want it! If you only participate in one type of event, we still want it! If you have 15 ideas and can’t pick the best, send them all! If you think a V neck, midriff baring, spandex-tight shirt would be great…………. please don’t submit that, we already decided it would be a bad thing.

You’ve got until June 17th to send whatever you’ve got to James Cahill, cahill.scca@gmail.com

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