2015 Kansas Rally Weekend

The Three Lakes Rally is a TSD (time-speed-distance) Touring Rally sanctioned by the SCCA. This event will run over the paved roads of northeastern Kansas, starting and ending in Lawrence, Kansas.

The Pavement Ends Rally is also a TSD Touring rally that will use paved and good quality unpaved roads. This event will start and end near Lawrence, Kansas.

These events are a test of precision driving and teamwork between driver and navigator. Straightforward, non-devious route instructions with specified average speeds will test the rallyists’ ability to arrive at unknown checkpoint locations on time, neither early nor late.

Any street-legal automobile capable of normal rural highway speeds can be entered. A rest stop is planned during the rally, at convenience stores enroute.

Three Lakes Rally – Saturday, November 14, 20152014-KansasRally_048

  • Saturday, November 14,
  • Registration: 9:00 AM; First Car Out: 12:01 PM
  • Start: Prairie Moon School, 1853 E 1600 Rd, Lawrence, Kansas 66044
  • End: The Legends Restaurant, Lawrence, Kansas

Pavement Ends Rally- Sunday, November 15, 2015

Checkpoint 6 Sunday – Buck Creek

  • Sunday, November 15,
  • Registration: 10:30 AM; First Car Out: 12:01 PM
  • Start: Prairie Moon School, 1853 E 1600 Rd, Lawrence, Kansas 66044
  • End: Johnny’s Tavern, Lawrence, Kansas (Event should finish by 4:00 PM)

Entry Fee: $20.00 each event for SCCA members, $25,00 for members of marque clubs, $30.00 for others.

Minor Waiver: Entrants must be 18 years of age or else have SCCA Minor Release, printed in color, signed and notarized by both parents. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS REQUIREMENT! See http://www.scca.com/documents/insurance/SCCAminorwaiver.pdf for the form.

Note for SCCA National Competitors: Mileages measured to 0.01 mile with a GPS odometer. Timing will be to the nearest second with human reaction factor at checkpoints.

More information, when available, will be posted at the Regions’ web sites: www.kansasregionscca.org and www.kcrscca.org.

Entries limited to 25 cars. Pre-Registration is strongly recommended.
Reserve your place now by sending an email to:
rbireta@gmail.com, 785-691-7437

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