Voting is open for the 2018 KCRSCCA leadership

The 2017 Annual Meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 5, 2017, at Stagecoach Tavern, 9617 W. 87th Street, Lenexa, Kansas.

We would like to thank outgoing Board Members: Chris Kern, Dave Vincent, James Cahill, and Lisa Kern. The four remaining Board Members serving the second year of their term are: Donna Cross, Al Hermans and Ken Snyder.

Ballots must be submitted by December 5, 2017. Ballots will remain sealed until the Annual Meeting begins.

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Sample Ballot

Paula Diehl

Tim Friest

Jessica Dorn

Lisa Kern

Ed Nicholson
Mike McGinley
Jim Wheeler
Todd Hesskamp
Tara Young
James Young

Brad Smith
Tara Young
James Young
Kira Sylvester
Mark Sylvester 
Chance Whittle

Mark Macoubrie
Doug Patterson
Ian Jennings
David Williams

Candidate Bios

Kansas City Region SCCA Officer Candidates

Paula Diehl, Candidate Regional Executive
The Kansas City Region of the SCCA has a remarkable past. Its future is exciting with a potential for tremendous growth. We are currently over 600 members and are one of the fastest growing regions in the nation. Growth is great, but with growth comes new challenges. Our Board must be able to adapt to a larger member base. I have served this region in a number of different roles: two years as the Checkpoint editor, two years as your Secretary, three years as your Treasurer and one year as your Secretary pro-temp. I am also the immediate past president of BNI (Business Network International) Lee’s Summit chapter. BNI is the largest networking organization in the world. These opportunities have given me a tremendous background not only in making any business grow and run smoothly, but specifically the amateur sports car industry. I am humbly asking for your vote for Regional Executive of the KC Region. I believe we have the membership talent and the tools to move this great region forward to a bright and prosperous future that can meet the needs of a diverse and growing membership. Thank you for your consideration.

Tim Friest, Can. Asst. R. E.
Has been a SCCA member since 2008, primarily competing in road racing events. Tim currently works as the software developer for a ecommerce tool and previously worked in the defense industry developing command and control systems and interoperability solutions. Tim went to college in Alaska and downhill ski raced as a teen. Tim is interested in growing awareness and participation of sports car racing and motorsports activities in the Kansas City area.

Jessica Dorn, Can. Treasurer
I started racing with the Solo program in 2013, and have enjoyed meeting racers and workers alike. I love seeing how strong our program in the Kansas City Region is while racing near and far and would love the opportunity to continue to help it improve. I served on the Board as the Secretary in 2015 and 2016. I handle recording the funds and making deposits after each Solo event. I would be honored to continue to serve our region and thank you all for your consideration.

Lisa Kern, Can. Secretary
SCCA has been a part of my life for 25+ years. Through those years I have worked Flagging & Communications, Race Control, race crew and have worked rally check points, while lending assistance in many other areas of the club. I also have served as Chair of the Awards Banquet, the Nominating Committee and as a Board Member. The blend of skills that I’ve gained, have given me the opportunity to understand the different perspectives that members have as it relates to their areas of interest. My strengths include problem solving and working in a collaborative environment, which are key to representing your interests to the board. Please allow me to represent you as part of the Kansas City Region SCCA Board by serving as your Secretary.
I wish all the candidates the best. We couldn’t ask for a better group of Kansas City Region members to volunteer their time towards a successful Club.

Board of Directors Candidates

Ed Nicholson
Retired April 28th from Swiss Re as an IT Business Analyst. Prior to getting my position at SR 26 years ago I worked as an Automobile Technician, mechanic, for International Autosport for 19 years earning the ASE master technician, Alfa Romero Master Technician and being designated the number 2 Alfa Tech in North America in 1987.
I have been a member of the SCCA for the last four years. However, I have been familiar with the club since the 1970’s working crew at various races and participating in economy runs and Solo events. During my first year as a member, I soloed a Mini Cooper in HS and for the last two seasons have road raced an 84 Honda CRX in ITC earning my full competition license and last year was sorting out a GT Lite car. I have worked corners at Heartland race, track night America and at the vintage race in Garnett.
I now feel it is time give back to the club by providing my time and energy in moving us forward. I am looking for your support in voting for me as ¬a KCR Board Member.

Jim Wheeler
I have been a member of KCR of SCCA since 1974. I have raced in Solo, Pro Rally and Club Racing. I served on the KCR BoD for several years, was Race Group Chairman for a few years and also served on the KVRG Board.
My years on the American Sedan Advisory Committee led to me joining the Club Racing Board. I have served as the Chairman of the CRB for the last six years and have been the CRB liaison to the SM Advisory Committee, and the A Sedan Advisory Committee. I hold a National Scrutineer’s license and have been serving as the Midiv Chief Driving Instructor for the last year. Recently, I have been working corners at HPT, when not racing.
I retired from running my own film production company, and have time to devote to help the KCR BoD team continue to keep the Club viable.

Mike McGinley
My name is Mike McGinley and I am running for a Board Member position. I have been a SCCA member since 2001 when I began Club Racing. Since then I have participated in 195 SCCA races in the GT2, Touring 1, CSR, and ITE classes and 13 SCCA Runoffs races.
After spending 36 years in the automotive business I retired in April of 2016. As many of you may know I was the General Manager/Partner at Hendrick Chevrolet Shawnee Mission from 1998-2016, Hendrick Toyota from 2002-2008, and HUMMER of Kansas City from 2001-2009. During which time I was on dozens of local and National boards for Chevrolet, Toyota, and Hendrick Automotive Group (the largest privately owned Dealership group in the US). During my tenure the Dealership supported the club by sponsoring every road racing event at Heartland Park from 2002-2014 (except the Runoffs in 2006-2008), and we offered club discounts on vehicles, service, and parts. We were also the official GM Contingency Parts Supplier for the SCCA Runoffs from 2005-2008. As a business owner I feel I have an excellent understanding of teamwork, communication, motivation, and profitability, all attributes I feel are important as a board member. I am a self-starter, I’m goal oriented, and I have “big picture” organizational skills. I am also very savvy in marketing. Now that I am retired I feel I can offer the club my time to help increase membership and participation and to strengthen the Kansas City Region. I appreciate your vote.

Todd Hesskamp
Has been married to Christine for nearly 25 years and is the father of two boys, Alexander and Nicolas. Todd has been a racing enthusiast for over 25 years and participating in SCCA autocross and PDX events since 2001. His first autocross was right here with KC region running at Arrowhead lot L. In the past Todd has done Solo instructing and tried his hand at Karting with a CR 125 shifter kart, now having started racing in amateur endurance events (Chumpcar and WRL), Todd has completed 7 different events and is grateful to have been part of teams landing on the podium in 4 of those events. Todd has held positions as Chief of workers, Event Chair, Event Co-Chair, Safety Steward and Youth Safety Steward and enjoys coaching the junior karters in how to be safe and improve their driving performance. Alexander was the first FJC kart to compete in our region and is still an active FJ driver today. I would enjoy the opportunity to serve on the board of directors for the Kansas City Region of the SCCA.

Tara Young
After waiting nearly 6 years to own the Abarth I was obsessed with, I started to seek new ways to utilize all the fun packed into that little Italian car. A friend said Solo Autocross was the answer. It was a dreary April morning that I decided to just go do it. I instantly fell in love! I worked over the next year to get myself educated on the sport and improve my driving. Now 3 seasons later, I am the current Chief of Registration and love to pitch in everywhere I can with the Kansas City Region. I have a strong will and am a perfectionist so I bring organization, determination and consistency to the table when it comes to my contributions to SCCA. I look forward to finding new ways to serve the organization and help continue the growth of our region! Thank you for considering me when making your vote.

James Young
I have been a member of the SCCA Kansas City Region for nearly 2 years. I am currently holding the Chief of Workers position in our region and would love the opportunity to expand my contributions. I have loved all things car and racing related since the day I could walk. My passion and dedication is unbreakable. Thank you for considering me for your vote.

Solo Advisory Committee Candidates

Brad Smith
I’ve been a member of the SCCA going on 7 years now. I’ve was Chief of Registration for the Solo program for 3 of those, also serving on the Board of Directors, Regional Executive, and just now completing one year of service as the Past R.E. I would like to continue serving the Solo program as a Solo Advisory Committee member and would appreciate your vote. Thank you for your consideration!

Tara Young
See above

James Young
See above

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