Awards Banquet Silent Auction & Giving Tree to Fund KCR Build Day for GoBabyGo-KC

Many of us will gather together Saturday, January 28 at the 2016 Kansas City Region SCCA Awards Banquet. We will come together as drivers, gearheads, corner workers and motorsports enthusiasts. We will remember class competitions, celebrate champions, and honor outstanding members. We will also open our purses and wallets to give to an extraordinary cause.

Variety KC GoBabyGo powered by Rockhurst University helps local children with disabilities gain self-directed mobility through toy cars and harness systems. Rockhurst University pairs engineering and physical therapy students to modify ordinary toy cars into personalized vehicles for children with disabilities. Due to their increased mobility, the young children are now able to explore their surroundings increasing their knowledge and sociability as well.

This year, the Board announced that the donations from the Silent Auction and Giving Tree will be used to fund our very own build day. Once the donations are in, we will work with GoBabyGo to purchase the materials (cars, PVC pipe, push buttons, joysticks, harnesses, etc) and then have a fun KCR SCCA build day.

Al Hermans, Greg Cheney, Jeremy Salenius and Jessica Dorn attended a community build day at Rockhurst University last year. Jessica Dorn noted, “The engineering and physical therapy students were great to work with. The engineering students were stretched pretty thin answering questions so Al, Greg and Jeremy came in handy using their own knowledge to trouble shoot a wiring issue some of the groups were experiencing.” Jeremy Salenius added, “The build day was so fun that we wanted to host our very own so all members could get in on it.”

The Board is hoping to raise enough money to build 10 cars for local children. Each car typically costs $150, so we are hoping to make $1,500 from the Silent Auction and Giving Tree donations. Jessica Dorn is in charge of the Silent Auction and still looking for donations. If you have something you would like to donate, you can contact her at 308-830-2257 or via email at


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