KCR SCCA SOLO event chairs/co-chairs needed!



Can you talk on a bullhorn? Do you like FREE stuff? Then you have what it takes!

With the 2016 KCR SCCA SOLO season underway, the need for event chairs and co-chairs is also upon us. What does an event chair and co-chair do? Great question! Here’s the short answer-


  • responsible for ensuring all the Chief positions are filled (you have a great set of Chiefs that won’t let you down)
  • responsible for an awesome course design (design it yourself, or farm it out!)
  • responsible for keeping things running on time (again, you’ve got a great crew helping you out)


  • responsible to help the event Chair out in whatever capacity they need (and YOU have that great event staff to help you too!)
  • responsible for keeping things going smoothly while the event Chair drives.

At this point, events pretty much run themselves because of the great group of people KCR has at it’s disposal. As an event Chair, you just need to touch base with your staff sometime within the week or so before the event, show up at 7am to make sure things get going, and make sure things move along during the day. It’s pretty easy. The worst part of your day will probably be talking on the microphone at the driver’s meeting.

Guess what else? The event Chair gets to drive for FREE at that event, AND gets a credit to drive for FREE at another KCR event! The Co-Chair gets a FREE entry to the event they co-chair!

Apprehensive? There are plenty of people more than happy to help you out with either position! Just ask!

Interested? Check this thread out- 2016 Chairs and Co-Chairs

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