Event 5 of the 2018...

Event 5 of the 2018 Zohr Championship series is in the books!  


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June 18, 2018 10:50  

Event 5 of the 2018 Zohr Championship series is in the books!

Let’s start with the bad so we can end this email on a good note!

-Just a reminder to all, the MCC site is to be left how we find it. Trash cannot be left all over the place for others to clean up for you. Do your duty as part of the organization and pick up after yourselves on the track, in grid and on paddock. We cleaned up dozens of empty water bottles out in the grass on track and lunch trash from all over paddock and grid. Bring any trash you see with your from the course when you come back in from course work and if you see trash on paddock or grid, just grab it. The 4 or 5 clean up people are trying to get the cones and trailer packed, not do trash duty for 100+ people that couldn’t be bothered to handle their own trash. Please be mindful going forward.

-All cars should only be driving at walking speed if you are not on course. That means until you’re flagged to go and after you cross the finish and pull back onto paddock/grid, you should not be going any faster than you could walk. We know it’s exciting to head to your run and putting that helmet on you get that rush and want to go fast! But wait til you’re flagged at start. This is for your safety and ours.

-Course/Corner workers, we had a LOT of confusion and missed calls during heat 3. Please be diligent about calling in broken down cars on the track and flagging drivers. I watched 3 near misses while the corner captains were just staring out into the wide blue yonder. You must be attentive and recognize a potentially danger scenario and get that flag out! If you see people pushing a car on track, RED FLAG! Someone could have been seriously injured or worse. Please take this information to heart before your next event. We rely on you to keep the drivers and workers safe.

-We are a member funded and member run organization. That means there’s no “Staff”. We are all staff as we are all responsible for one part or another to make an event happen. Without course workers / Corner Captains / Waivers station / Grid / Starters / etc., there’d be no race. We all rely on each of you to ensure we can go have our track day. So if you sign up, please be dedicated to your work assignment just as much as you are to your drive heat. If you choose to sign up for an early heat and then just leave, you will lose your scores for the day. By just leaving you leave us shorthanded and unprepared for the heat you were to work. We had to disqualify a few participants yesterday that made this choice. Also, if you sign up for a main work position (start, T&S, Grid) and need to cancel, please make sure to give me more than half a day’s notice to replace you if you can. We had to scramble to replace a few main work assignments and appreciate the newer people we had to throw to the wolves in the absence of the regulars. You guys saved us and did great!

Ok… now that bad cop has left the building:

What a fantastic day! Despite the hiccups above, it generally ran as smoothly as we could have asked for. The day was hot but you all stayed in good spirits. I didn’t hear one complaint about time on course work. You all came with your positive A game and we can’t thank you enough!

Congratulations to our Zohr $100 prize winner, Cameron Knights! Pre-registering really does pay off!

How about that check in line? If I recall, we were done with 90% of our check in within 30 minutes! You guys are awesome for coming up prepared and patient! It makes things move so much faster.

What a course design!! I know some of you didn’t love it, but a lot of you did! Thank you Al and Jeremy for such a fun course! I know I’d love to drive that one again!

All in all, you guys make this possible and we want to thank all of you that came and made it fantastic! Dan will work on final audit and we will have final scores up soon. Thank you for your patience during that process. Watch for an email with links to those results.

If you’d like to leave any feedback about the events for 2018 so far, we’d love to hear you mid-season thoughts. Visit this link to take a 1 minute survey.

We’ll see you guys next month at Event 6 on July 15th. Feel free to go pre-register at .


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