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What to do in the off season - Sim Race?  


David Vincent
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September 12, 2018 22:01  

I propose we have a SimRacing MidDiv removed link This is how I see it coming together:

We use rFactor 1, which has racing removed link rFactor 1 has all of the MidDiv tracks, except MPH, along with High Plains, COTA, and Virginia removed link rFactor 1 has a wide range of cars to choose, but I recommend we use either the Formula BMW removed link , because it was professionally developed for BMW, or the Spec Racer Ford, because it is an SCCA removed link

We put a race schedule together that looks like a MidDiv schedule, with Hallett, Heartland, Gateway, and RPM, and a couple of out of division Majors races, High Plains and COTA, and have a Grand Finally with the Runoffs at removed link

We pick one night and time  a week, that would represent one day of a regular race weekend, which means week 1 would be the Saturday qualifying and race, with week 2 as the Sunday qualifying and removed link We use the standard points system to crown the top 3 in the division, and the Runoffs are the removed link

You would need a wheel/pedals set and a computer, and a licensed copy of rFactor 1 ($25 at <a href=" removed link "> removed link ), and an internet removed link

I can safely volunteer Tim Friest to set up the sim environment and the racing removed link We’ll need a point’s keeper, registrar, a PR (post results and news), and a Chief removed link  

Unless we pass out real trophies, I don’t think there are any costs besides your personal equipment and removed link If we get too many participants, we can run two removed link

Who’s interested?

Tim Friest
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September 15, 2018 23:39  

Since RFactor 1 is so old, it doesn't take a very powerful computer to run removed link   The fact that it supports so many tracks and cars is really removed link   It is worth getting it just to run a track on the sim before racing on it for removed link

Although there does seem to be an Iowa Speedway track, it doesn't look like it supports the infield, so probably skip removed link

Need to do some testing to make sure I can get a server setup and removed link

You can setup AI cars to run removed link   We can fill out fields if there aren't enough people removed link

I suggest the season to go

  • COTA (Austin)
  • Hallett (both directions are supported)
  • Heartland (Topeka)
  • Gateway  ( removed link Louis)
  • High Plains
  • RPM (MAM)
  • VIR

I thought running COTA near the USGP timeframe would be removed link


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