Solo – KCRSCCA Solo Number Reservations on MSR

We are cleaning up our solo reservation number list on in preparation for the 2014 seaon. Below are links to the current list of reserved numbers. Review them and make sure your number is correct and see if there are any numbers listed under your name that you are no longer using. Here is the timeline of when number reservations will be made and finalized.

  1. All RT(x), PRO, W, and N number reservations have been removed.
  2. All Stock class reservations will go to Street R unless you e-mail me to change them to Street instead by 1/31/14.
  3. If you did not compete in a KC Region event in 2013, your number reservation will be deleted unless you e-mail me by 1/31/14.
  4. Please review the number reservation list by name on the KC Region web site and e-mail me if you have any number reservations you would like released by 2/28/14.
  5. If you need to add a new number reservation please note I will only start working on those as of 3/14/14.
  6. Remember that when you select a class/number selection during the online registration process that automatically becomes a reserved class/number set for you.

If you have any questions, or any of the above info to send me, please e-mail me at

Reserved Numbers Lists:

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