Solo Racing – Our Venues

Metropolitan Community College Blue River Precision Driving Center

WilcoxAtMCCOur primary venue is the Metropolitan Community College Blue River Precision Driving Center. This is a multi-purpose venue used by the Metropolitan Community College to train law enforcement officers and students the vehicular control skills they will need out in the field. The portion of the site used by us for Solo racing includes a 400′ by 400′ concrete pad for paddock and grid, and a highly configurable urban track offering a mix of concrete and asphalt surfaces. There are no curbs anywhere on site, and there is ample run-off room in case a competitor experiences an off-course excursion.

Thanks to Jim Wheeler for this great aerial shot.

Thanks to Jim Wheeler for this great aerial shot.

Directions to site:

  • I-70 to Highway 291 North
  • Take 291 North about 2 miles to Highway 78 (also called 23rd street).
  • Turn right (east) on Highway 78 and go east for about 2 miles to the Metropolitan Community College.
  • Proceed past the College east on Highway 78 about another 1/2 mile.
  • At the bottom of the hill, there is a road to the right (South) that leads to their Precision Driving Center.
  • Be sure to stop at the shack as you enter and sign the site waiver.

Providence Medical Center Ampitheater

In addition to our venue at MCC, we also compete VIP Lot at Providence Medical Center Ampitheater.

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  4. Miguel A Rivera Cabán says:

    I’m not a member but would like to participate on either the 16th or the 30th who should I contact for tech inspection and how much would it be. Can I drive in just like thst or should I register before hand?

  5. Joe Tesar says:

    I’m not a member yet, but like Miguel. I would like to Participate on the 16th and had pretty much had the same questions about Tec Inspection.

  6. To pass tech, ensure that your wheel bearings and other suspension elements are in good order (your wheels aren’t about to fall off), your battery is securely held down, you have positive brake pressure, your throttle spring return is working properly, and that there are no loose items in your car, including floor mats. That’s it. If you have a helmet that has a Snell rating of SA2000 or M2000 or more recent, you may use that helmet. If not, we have loaner helmets. There are some European certifications that are valid as well, but basic DOT certification is insufficient.

  7. Miguel A Rivera Cabán says:

    I went on the 16th and it was fun. Every body very helpful. Looking forward to the 30th. I liked it so much that I am becoming a member of the SCCA. Keep it up guys!

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