Time Trials and Track Events

Looking to drive your car on a road course, but not ready to make the jump to SCCA Road Racing? SCCA Time Trials and SCCA Track Events are what you need to get that fix. Both of these events are accessible to drivers with normal street cars and although multiple cars are on track simultaneously, it is not a wheel-to-wheel racing event so that you and your car are at significant risk of striking or being struck by another driver. Think of these events as a Solo event on a purpose-built road course rather than a cone-delineated circuit.

Track Events

Track Night in America
SCCA Track Events, such as Track Night in America, are non-competition track day experiences. The point of an SCCA Track Event is not to compete with others, but to improve and expand your own driving skill set and to enjoy the experience of driving your car on a closed race course. Passing at Track Events is only permitted at specific locations on the circuit and then only after a “point-by” so that the risk of a car-to-car collision is greatly diminished. We want to do our best to make sure that your daily driver gets you to work on Monday morning after your Track Event experience. Participants will not just get the experience of driving on a race course, but they will also receive various levels and amounts of feedback and instruction depending upon the location and availability of driving coaches at the event. These opportunities are presented to help you develop as a driver and prepare you to move to the next step, competing with other drivers on a road course to set the fastest lap time. Follow this link for the full rules on SCCA Track Events, https://www.scca.com/pages/track-event-rules.

Time Trials

MiDiv Time Trials Series

2018 MiDiv Time Trials Series Schedule

Like SCCA Track Events, Time Trials offer an opportunity to drive your street car on a close, purpose-built road course. The difference between Track Events and Time Trials is that a Time Trial is a competition event where drivers in a variety of classes compete for the best lap time. Think of an SCCA Time Trials event as a Solo event around a road course rather than around a cone-delineated course. The idea is the same in that there may be a number of drivers on course simultaneously, but they’re spaced out sufficiently that there’s minimal risk of drivers encountering each other on track. The purpose is to see who can turn the fastest lap time. In order to compete in an SCCA Time Trials event, you will need a Time Trials Competition License. You may earn your license through participation in SCCA Track Events or documentation of prior sanctioned road racing experience. Follow these links for the full rules on MiDiv Time Trials Series competition and other forms:

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