Kaw Valley Race Group

Welcome to Kaw Valley Race Group (KVRG). KVRG is a co-operative venture between the Kansas and Kansas City Regions of the Sports Car Club of America, which administers the Regions’ road-racing program at Heartland Park, Topeka and elsewhere.

Events we administer include:

  • Regional and National SCCA Club Races
  • SCCA Racing Drivers Schools
  • SCCA Performance Driving Experience events
  • SCCA Specialty Course-Worker Training events
  • KVRG also provides course-workers and ancillary services for other sanctioning bodies that are conducting road-racing events at Heartland Park.


Race Entry and Worker Registration Forms will be posted on the home page when available.

Driver Information

Here you will find information for drivers at SCCA races at Heartland Park, Topeka. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact a member of the KVRG Board.

Entry Forms
Entry forms for the next race event will be posted on the event calendar, on the KRVG Overview Page, for online registration to Motorsportreg.com.

How to get to Heartland Park
Information on Heartland Park, including driving directions and links to hotel accommodations, is here.

The false grid is located on the west side of the paddock. The pit lane enters the track on driver’s left close to Turn 0. Pit-in is reached by going straight, rather than turning right, at Turn 12. Sound control for SCCA events is on driver’s left just before Turn 9. Tech and impound are located in the Tech Barn on the south side of the North paddock.

Worker Information

Here you will find basic information for workers at the SCCA races at Heartland Park, Topeka. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact the Worker Co-ordinator.

Worker Signup and Registration
On-line signup will be available for each event will be at motorsportreg.com. Otherwise, please contact the Worker Co-ordinator.

Specialty Chiefs
See the KVRG Contacts below.

Assembly Points
The F&C Corner Meeting is held in the pavilion on the north-west corner of the paddock, about 45 minutes before the first session of the day. Other specialties may assemble elsewhere, but, if you don’t know where to go, this would be a good place to come for guidance.

Spectator Information

The best way of finding out if you would like to get involved in SCCA Club Racing is to go to one of our races at Heartland Park, Topeka. Visitors are invited to experience what the SCCA has to offer at any our events.

When is the next race?
Check the calendar or the home page for our next Club Race weekend.

How do I get there?
Directions to Heartland Park, Topeka, are here.

How much does it cost to get in?
Admission to all KVRG-sanctioned Club Racing events is free for SCCA members and non-members.

When are things happening?
Practice usually starts around 8:00 am, and races around lunch-time. Racing generally finishes around 5:00 pm.

What facilities are there?
Facilities are more limited than at a Pro Racing weekend, but the concession stands and souvenir shop are open for limited hours. Permanent restrooms are located behind the concession stand.

Where are the best places to watch from?
Good vantage points are indicated on the map–red dots.

Can I get onto the corner stations?
If you want to get down to the trackside itself as a corner worker, you will need to join SCCA in order to be covered by our insurance. Short-term trial memberships are available.

Please remember
Our Club Races are organized primarily for the benefit of the participants, so facilities are more limited than you might find at a Pro Racing weekend. Any questions you may have can be answered by our friendly people at Registration or Hospitality.

KVRG Contacts

General Contacts
  Name Phone/Email
General Inquiries Chris Kern thefourkerns@icloud.com
Driver Information Chris Kern thefourkerns@icloud.com
Worker Coordinator Char & Ken Keith
KVRG Board Members, 2014
Chairman Rick Taylor
Vice-Chairman Kent Prather
Secretary Rick Taylor  
Treasurer Alex Clark sccaclark@hotmail.com
 At Large Jesse Prather
 At Large Charlie Clark kcraceware@yahoo.com
Specialty Chiefs, 2014
Race Chair Gary Kern  
Flagging & Communications Ken Keith  
Timing & Scoring Char Keith  
Pits Bob Nowlan  
Grid Larry Hinton  
Scrutineering Michael Pearson  
Medical Bob Thompson  
Sound Control Chuck Clark Jr.  
Starters Nancy Pratt  
Hospitality Marla Worthington  
Registration Linda Henson  
Paddock/Asst. Race Chair Chris Kern  
Course Marshal Ken Ragan  

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  1. Jamie Fain says:

    Will HPT open in 2015?

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  4. mmi16 says:

    Return to Heartland Park Major was a great event. However, the T8-9 complex that was used SUCKED. That configuration was changed after the 2006 Runoffs because it is a badly designed pair of turns. Second, some brake markers would be greatly appreciated for T8, no matter the configuration. Congratulations on a successful event.

    Chuck McAbee

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