KCRSCCA Archives – 1958

 Bill Ong - Regional Executive Kansas City Region, 1958-1959

Bill Ong – Regional Executive Kansas City Region, 1958-1959

The Kansas City Region of the SCCA has a long and rich history. We have been slowly digitizing many of the old photos and documents in our archives and placing them on the Club’s SmugMug page. Click the image of Bill Ong, our Regional Executive from 1958 to 1959 to see the full gallery of images from 1958.

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3 Responses to KCRSCCA Archives – 1958

  1. Greg Cooper says:

    Hey, Doug, Greg Cooper AKA, MITSU). I recently came across a dash plaque for the 3rd Annual Flaming Fall Rally national, Kansas City Region. Was wondering where it was held that year, and any other info about it. Any ideas?

  2. Charles Walter says:

    Flaming Fall Rally was part of the National Rally program and was probably held about 1958, 59, 60 or therabouts. They were 500 miles in length, over a weekend. I joined the KC Reg. in 1960 to run rallies. I recently purged all of my old SCCA files so I can’t say exactly what year that one was. You can contact Sharlene Smith as she has all of the old archives.
    Chuck Walter

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