From the RE’s Desk — March 2018

Paula Deihl in her car Elvira
Are you ready to race? We are not waiting for the official arrival of spring. Our programs have begun!! The Road Rally pictures are up. They had a fantastic day for hitting the roads on March 3rd. Rally Cross continues on the 24th of the month. Solo starts the first weekend in April. Time Trials start in April as well. Car ready to go? Looking for reading material? Our member, Rich Biretta is featured on Page 60 of the latest issue of “Sports Car “. A very interesting article looking back over the past years and providing a glimpse of his ideas for the future. Check it out!

Thank you! To all who donated cash and auction items to the “Go Baby Go” charity at the Awards Banquet. We made over $1,000 to provide small electric cars to children with special needs. A huge THANK YOU to Jessica Dorn for chairing this ongoing project. Missed your chance to donate? No problem. We will be continuing our efforts at the Solo “Holloweenie” in October.
Your Board of Directors are currently working on revisions to the ByLaws. Look for these to be voted on in the next few months.

The programs are working on short term and long term goals. If you have suggestions, please let them know. If we are going to continue to grow, it only makes sense that everyone knows in what direction our programs want to go. Working as a team we will make great strides as a region.

Please note that all are invited to the general membership meetings, held the first Tuesday of every month at the Stagecoach Inn at 7:30pm. Great fun, fellowship and door prizes! See you there. Safe travels. Happy Trails.

Paula Diehl KCRSCCA RE

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