From the Archives — The Leaping Lizards

While working on cleaning up and updating the website, I came across an old page that I felt needed to be revived. You may have been at a meeting or event and heard people talking about the Leaping Lizards or seen the logo on a car or shirt, but wondered what the heck lizards have to do with racing. The “Leaping Lizards” is the nickname for a local group of corner workers.

There are more and cheaper ways to be involved in road racing than owning and operating a race car. There’s an army of volunteers needed to enable the racing to happen in the first place. Among those volunteers are the white-suited, flag waiving corner workers. You, too, can get close to the racing action! Come join us at our General Membership Meeting on the first Tuesday of the month at the Stagecoach Tavern on 87th St. in Overland Park, and at the Race Group Meeting on the third Tuesday of the month at The Bar on Johnson Dr. in Shawnee.

Follow the link below for the origin story of the Leaping Lizards recovered from the archives!

Leaping Lizards

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