Expanding the Checkpoint Archives

The print version of Checkpoint is a thing of the past, and a new digital version of the Kansas City Region SCCA monthly newsletter is currently in development. We hope to have an experimental issue out to everyone before the end of the year. Once we work out the bugs, we will be bringing you some of the regular features from the print version of Checkpoint including a column from the current Regional Executive, a list of upcoming race and social events, birthdays, and feature stories such as member profiles and car builds.

For all of this to happen, we need content, and that means we need YOU! Submit your stories to checkpoint@kcrscca.org. Most of the membership should already be subscribed to our digital newsletter, but the email database that we used may not contain more recent members nor will it reflect any recent changes to your email address. To make sure you’re on the subscription list, visit our Checkpoint Digital Issue page and enter your name and email address. That way you’ll get a copy of Checkpoint in your inbox every month.

The content of the Checkpoint newsletter represents the history of our club, and we’re working to expand our digital archives so that all members, including relatively new members like me, can enjoy them and learn about the history of our club. As of now, we have Checkpoints as downloadable PDFs back to 2006. We know that many of you have old copies dating well back beyond then. Again, send an email to checkpoint@kcrscca.org and we’ll work on getting the old issues digitized and archived for all to enjoy. You can see all of the issues that we currently have on the Checkpoint Print Archives page.

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