Easy ways to simplify your Solo and RallyCross mornings

The morning of a Solo or RallyCross event is always a bit hectic. You have to sign the site waiver, check-in at registration, get your car prepared, do a course walk or two, and somewhere in all that, you have to get a technical inspection done on your car before you can move it to grid. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could streamline the race day morning routine? Well, there are several things you can do now to accomplish just that!

SCCA Annual Waiver

One simple thing you can do is to download and complete the SCCA Adult Annual Waiver. Be sure to print it off in color, and bring it to the Annual Solo Meeting on March 7th at 6:00pm at the Mean Mule Distillery located at 1734 Cherry St., KCMO. Any of the KCRSCCA members can sign the form for you. Once you have a completed form, mail it to the SCCA National Office at SCCA Member Services, 6620 SE Dwight St, Topeka, KS 66619. After your completed application has been submitted, you will receive a hard card that will be your event waiver to any SCCA event.

Preregistration and Payment

If you’re not at the registration trailer right when they open, the lines get very long. Although it’s fun chatting with fellow racers while in the queue, it does take time away from preparing your car and yourself by doing course walks. To minimize the time you spend at the registration trailer, you can preregister and prepay for Solo and RallyCross events at MotorsportReg.com. It’s easy, you have a better chance of getting your preferred work assignment, and by prepaying, all you need to do at the registration trailer is show your member card and drivers’ license. Quick and easy!

Solo Annual Tech Inspection

Getting your car through morning tech inspection can be a right pain, especially if you’re in the first heat. It seems like the entire town is in the tech queue and they’re all in front of you. The Kansas City Region has a program for experienced Solo drivers that eliminates that morning necessity: the Annual Tech Inspection. Drivers that have more than ten (10) events under their belt can download and complete the KCRSCCA Annual Solo Tech Inspection Application, and bring the form with them the first time they go through the tech line. When approved, you will receive a weather-proof sticker to place on your windshield that denotes that you will be responsible for the inspection of your own vehicle at each subsequent event.

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  1. Miguel A Rivera Cabán says:

    Great info specially the inspection part, the annual waivers are pretty neat as well. Thanks for confirming the Distillery Address.

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