Calling all Cars! (Retired Race Cars that is)

Ed Nicholson in his Honda Civic at Gateway Motorsports Park
Have you got an old race car sitting around that you haven’t raced for a while? I know many of you do. Maybe you haven’t had the budget to race much, maybe you got frustrated with rules and don’t want to update/modify or slow your car down to meet current rules. Maybe you got caught in a class that got put on probation, or you lost your competitors and now you are racing alone in your class. Guess what, it’s time to get back in the game! For 2019 the Kaw Valley Race Group (KVRG) has announced a new race group, and you’re going to love this, NO RULES! Well, almost. The series is called the Spring Bracket Road Racing series (SBRR) and our first event is at Heartland Motorsports Park July 13-14. The series is open to all closed wheel race cars that meet any SCCA GCR class rules, Vintage Racing rules, BMW club, Porsche Club, NASA, or other race organization that meets GCR safety rules. Yes, a roll cage is required and your car must meet GCR Section 9.3 requirements, but you can run any tire, any motor, and any suspension. See the complete series 2019 rules which are included. Come and join us in July and get back in to the game, see your buddies, get your competitive juices flowing again, and have some fun with cars! Hope to see you there.

Got questions? We’ve got answers, feel free to call me direct, I’m here to help. Mike McGinley (913)915-1504

Sprint Bracket Road Racing Info and Regulations

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