Call Out to MiDiv and CenDiv Members

Fellow Club members, we are in need of some generous volunteers to help staff the Formula SAE Lincoln competition, June 18-21. For those not familiar with FSAE, it is a competition that attracts collegiate-level institutions from around the world that are faced with the challenge of creating a purpose-built autocross racecar.

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As the leaders in amateur motorsports in the United States, it is our responsibility to be involved in encouraging programs like Formula SAE. These highly-talented automotive engineers will be the innovators and designers of the cars we race in the future. This event also allows these students to better understand and appreciate the role that competition can play in the continued evolution of the automobile.

Student-led teams are tasked with designing and building their vehicle from the ground up. At meets, like the one taking place in Lincoln, these student teams put their cars to the ultimate test. Each vehicle is subjected to a battery of events, including a braking test, autocross and endurance race, aimed at determining the best performing vehicle.

Performance and dynamic testing are just part of the competition, as each team is required to present a business report. While teams are allowed to use advanced, and expensive, materials like carbon fiber, they also develop their own parts and have to be sure to keep the end product affordable.

As for the students themselves, many are involved in different engineering disciplines. With domestic and foreign automakers, like General Motors and Honda, supporting FSAE, many of the students involved in this program will move on to get jobs in the auto industry once they graduate.

From corner workers to timing and scoring help, there are a variety of ways you can help this important event go off. Many schools from the area will also be involved in the event. Let your school pride show. This is like college football, except for motorsports!

There are additional incentives for lending a hand. Eligible Club Racing workers will be able to collect points for the VIP account. For those from the Solo Community, you can claim a free entry to the Nebraska SCCA Regional Solo event scheduled for June 22.

Interested members should contact SCCA Volunteer Coordinator Linda Duncan, at, or SCCA Project Manager Clancy Schmidt, at

Come out and cheer on your alma mater, or your favorite college, while helping put on an event aimed at furthering the future engineers in the auto industry!

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