AX-GO, an autocross game based on our MCC site

So you’re registered for the final event of the 2018 Zohr Tires KCRSCCA Solo Championship Series, the Halloweenie Event, and you can’t wait to attack the course. You’re looking over old videos from last year to try and get familiar with the course and refresh your head. We have a better idea. Why not walk and drive the course yourself? Download the initial release of AX-GO, an arcade-style autocross game based on the Halloweenie course at MCC.

While the driving physics is not sim-level, the geometry of the course is accurate. Walk the course, take notes, and have fun driving one of four different cars. The “Economy Sedan” is based on a typical H-Street car with tons of understeer, the “CAM-T” car is a 70s muscle car with tons of oversteer, the “Sports Car” is a high-end, A-Street AWD sports car with very manageable drift characteristics, and the “Kit Car” is a high-performance, extremely grippy AWD X-Prepared style car.

This is the first time this game has been released into the wild, so I’m sure there are many bugs, but you can walk the course and drive the cars. As you notice any bugs, or have suggestions for enhancements (with the understanding that I don’t have the backing of a AAA-sized team), let me know at I’ll work on revisions over the winter, and I plan on developing a similar game for RallyCross. Road Racing and Time Trials drivers, rFactor already has you covered.

Download AX-GO here:

Updated 10/15/2018 with many bug fixes and enhancements recommended from the community. Thanks for your feedback. Keep it coming!

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