April brings two Solo events, a Test & Tune, and a Novice School

The month of April is only two weeks away, and it brings a lot of opportunities to shake off the off-season rust from your Solo skills. The first Test & Tune will take place this weekend on Sunday, March 19th, at the Metropolitan Community College Precision Driving Center, and the first weekend of April, the 1st and 2nd, brings our second Test & Tune and the first Solo Event of the 2017 Championship Season.

On the weekend of April 28th and 29th, the Kansas City Region SCCA Solo Program returns to the Providence Medical Center Amphitheater to host a Novice Solo School on Saturday and Event #2 on Sunday. The Novice School offers the opportunity for drivers new to the sport of SCCA Solo to learn from some of the Region’s best drivers. While it’s fun bolting on go-fast parts to our cars, nothing improves your run times more than seat time and one-on-one driving instruction.

Space is limited for the Test & Tunes and for the Novice School, so don’t hesitate. Sign up now and take advantage of these great opportunities for seat-time and instruction.

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