2018 Solo Event Chairs Needed!

Car making its way through grid to the start line.
The 2018 Zohr Tires KCRSCCA Solo Championship Series schedule has been set for a while now, and it’s time to make it all happen. In order for any of the Solo events to happen, each one needs some key positions to be filled. Our 2018 Solo Chair, Al Hermans, has a forum topic already started asking for volunteers for each event to serve as the Event Chair, Event Co-Chair, Event Solo Safety Steward, and the Youth Safety Steward. In order, to serve as a safety steward, you will need the proper certification, but anyone can be an Event Chair or Co-Chair.

So what do you need to do as an Event Chair? Honestly, your job isn’t to do anything. Your job as Event Chair is to see that jobs get done. The Event Chair is responsible for making sure that all of the key positions for the event are properly staffed. There are season-long Chiefs for Timing & Scoring (Dan Wheeler), Information (Brad Smith), Technical Inspection (Keith Lamming), Equipment (James Young), Registration (Tara Young), Workers (Steven Bright), and Waivers (Adam Pessetto), so the Event Chair simply needs ensure that these individuals will be at the event, or have their backup persons in place to serve at the event. The Event Chair is also responsible for ensuring that there is enough water and ice for the workers. It’s all fun and games until someone gets dehydrated.

The Event Chair is also responsible for designing the course for the event. Rodger Johnson from the Houston Region SCCA has written the definitive guide on course design. Regardless of how experienced one may be at course design, his tutorials are always worth reading. Once the Event Chair has a design in mind, they submit it to the Solo Advisory Committee. The SAC will provide feedback on the course and may recommend changes to aid in the flow of the event. Safety of the course design is important, but so is the flow of the event. The course needs to be able to handle three cars on course simultaneously with approximately one car being released every 20 seconds.

So what about the Co-Chair? The Co-Chair assists the Chair to fulfill their responsibilities. The two should work together as a team, splitting the pre-event duties as best suits their strengths.

During the event, the Event Chair and Co-Chair gets to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labors once the course has been constructed. The Event Safety Steward will ride with the Event Chair through the course at a modest pace prior to the course being opened to the competitors for walking. The Event Safety Steward may require certain elements to be altered to address anything they deem as unsafe. Once the course has been approved by the Event Safety Steward, and everyone shows up to do their assigned tasks, then the Event Chair and Co-Chair get to relax, enjoy the day, and have fun driving their cars.

It’s an easy way to lend a huge hand to the Solo program and help our events take place. It’s also the opportunity to compete for free! By serving as the Event Chair, you will receive a two-event credit: one for the event you chair and one for a future event. The Co-Chair will receive a credit for the event they in which they serve. Hop on our forums now, and reserve the event you’d like to chair now, https://www.kcrscca.org/kcrforum/viewtopic.php?f=45&p=18087.

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