2016 KCRSCCA Solo Event #5 and 6 Recap


July is a month packed to the gills with racing events. Last weekend it was a double-header with events 5 and 6 done in conjunction with the Kansas Region and held at Heartland Park Raceway in Topeka. For those that have never Auto-crossed at HPT, you should certainly consider attending the next event held out there.

HPT is a very large facility that allows for big courses to be constructed. To give you an idea of how different it is from MCC, the courses for events 5 and 6 were over 60-70 seconds long vs. the 40-50 second course at MCC for event 4.

HPT may seem like it’s a long way off, but most of the KC drivers I polled this weekend said that it took around 1 hour, give or take, to drive there depending on their location in the KC Metro. For most of those drivers that represented only a 15-30 minute difference in drive time vs. going to MCC and for what you get at HPT it is well worth the extra drive.

As per usual, there were tight battles across each class and times only got faster during event 6 on day two. Results can be found below. One very different thing about attending a double-header at HPT is that many KCR folks stayed and camped at the site on Saturday night. BBQ, beer and fellowship with your racing friends and family is always a welcome end to a day of driving fast!

Event 5 Results

Event 6 Results

Next Event

Our next event weekend is July 23rd and 24th. On Saturday the 23rd, we will have our second Solo School of the year. This time, the school is open to anyone who wants instruction from some of our region’s top drivers. This is a great opportunity to learn from some National Champions and trophy winners without having to spend a few hundred dollars. Event #7 of the 2016 Kansas City Region SCCA Solo Championship is on Sunday the 24th. You can sign up for one or both at MotorsportReg.com, http://msreg.com/KCR2016Event7.

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